Grant Requests

The grants provide financial assistance for a variety of youth oriented activities. They include events and programs oriented toward helping our youth in the following areas:

  • to achieve life's skills and goals
  • fight delinquency
  • youth development
  • safety education
  • youth with disabilities
  • special youth programs
  • vocational and career guidance

Grantee History

During the past three years we are proud to have provided resources to many local non-profits. Click here to see a list of grant recipients.  


Request for Funds & Services 

The Kiwanis Youth Service Committee begins a new fiscal year on October 1 of each year. The Committee wants groups, schools, businesses, agencies, and organizations to know that we solicit funding and/or service requests (via application) for youth related service activities in the Benton County area through-out the year.

Our allocated funds come from the fund-raising activities of the Kiwanis Club of Corvallis. Although our funding budget is limited, our committee would like to help youth-related organizations with financial and service needs to strengthen our community. Funding requests must be submitted on the "Funding Application Form" marked Youth Services with a one page narrative with additional information. 

Critical information on the funding application includes:

  • Are you an educational or 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?
  • Does the project or program serve Benton County youth?
  • How many youth will be impacted by the funding?
  • What is the estimated total cost of the program or project?
  • Did you request funds the previous year and how much?
  • Have you requested funds from any other Kiwanis committee or organization for this project, if yes who and what amount.
  • Funds should not be used for administrative uses (staff positions or wages);
  • Request a reasonable dollar amount (approx. $500.00). Requests can be fully funded, partially funded, ‘tabled’ for more information, or not funded by the YSC.

The committee meets quarterly on 3rd Tuesday at 5:00pm.  2016/2017 Grant Request deadlines for consideratio:  November 1, 2016; February 1, 2017; May 1, 2017; and August 1, 2017.    

If you submit a funding request, you have the option of attending a Youth Service Committee meeting and making an oral presentation to the committee along with the written application. We would also appreciate a post visit, card or message of "feedback" after your program or project (if funded) is completed.

We will help in any way possible on projects and programs. The youth of our community are our most valuable resource and Kiwanis is ready and available to take an active role in their development. Good luck, as you continue to do good things for the youth of Benton County. Please let us know if we are able to help you along the way.

Use the PDF form below to apply for funding.

Funding Request Form (link)


What happens when you click the link depends on how your browser and system is configured.

It will either open in your browser, Acrobat Reader, or another program such as Preview on Apple computers, or it will download to your computer, in which case you can open it on your system. You may also be able to right-click / Save As.

In any event, please fill in the form in whatever application it opens in, save it to your computer, and email it to: (Barbara Malloy)

Alternatively, you may print the form out, fill it in by hand, and mail it to:

Youth & Young Children Services
Kiwanis Club of Corvallis
PO Box 1602
Corvallis, OR 97339